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Today’s Workout

  • The pelvic floor muscles are like a hammock stretching from our back passage to our pubic bone that both men and women have – think of it like the gusset of your bikini bottoms and it forms a key part of our core. Your core is like a trunk, with your abs, your back, your diaphragm at the top and pelvic floor at the bottom. We need to focus on training our pelvic floor just like we do our abs. Why? These muscles are connected to our core, and so provide important stability, whether you’re lifting shopping bags, or doing a barbell squat. They also support bladder and bowel function, so help us to control when we pee, poop and fart. After age 40/45, if we don’t keep training our muscles, they do start to loose strength and elasticity, and that includes our pelvic floor, which is why when we have babies and enter menopause so many women experience incontinence because these key muscles haven’t been trained and strengthened.
  • If pelvic floor activation is new to you, and you are struggling to hold that contracting (don’t worry! it does get easier!) we’ve designed you a simple progressive routine to help you make training your pelvic floor part of your daily habits. If you feel confident, you could skip to week 2 or 3 and start applying the method to your workouts straight away!


Your Pelvic Floor Training Plan

  • Week one – 10 reps morning and night with 1 sec hold, one session lying down, once standing
  • Week two – 10 reps AM/PM with 5 sec holds each time, one session standing and one lying
  • Week three – 10 air squats syncing pelvic floor holds (while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, or while brushing your teeth!)

What you will need:

No equipment needed.