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Everything You need to know

Reach out to your Club Five trainer team anytime, we’re here to answer your every question!

The Live workouts will be at the set time indicated on the workout calendar, which you will receive as a member every month. The sessions are usually at 7.30am, 8am or 9am UK time, but we also have some live sessions at 6pm UK time to cater for our international audience.

However, all our workouts & videos are saved so that you can access them ANYTIME in the ‘catch-up’ area of the website. Lots of our members are international or work shifts, and so complete the sessions later in the day, week or month!

We get that you are busy bees, and so are we, so that's why we have made sure that every single session is saved and available for playback immediately. We have members from all over the world on different time zones, so it allows us to all sweat together.

We offer HIIT, Strength Training targeting and broken down into upper, lower and full body, Dynamic and Restorative Yoga Flows, Pilates, Boxing and Dance. All of the sessions focus on the month’s theme to ensure they are complementing each other, in order for you to get the most out of your training. We mix it up to ensure you continue to progress and learn new skills!

All sessions are suited to every ability and provide alternatives, progressions and regressions for each exercise.

The great thing about Club Five is that any ability is welcome. We will look after you no matter what - whether you are just starting your fitness journey or have trained for years - we’ve got you. The program is completely adaptable to suit your ability, and as you will hear us say a lot - this is YOU vs YOU, so please go at your own pace.
If you are just beginning, take a look at the taster workouts on the homepage to get an idea of what to expect. If you struggle to complete a full round or want to do the low impact alternative with lower weights that's great. You can increase reps or move to the harder alternatives as you feel yourself progress. It is also incredibly important to make sure your technique is good before really pushing yourself.

If you have been training for a while, push yourself to do more reps and use heavier weights to continue your progression

Of course, we’ve got you! Check out the taster sessions HERE for an example of each type of workout. Give them a go and see how you get on! We are progressing as a family, but we know that you will progress at different rates.

We always provide lower impact and exercise alternatives for beginners, so you will be well supported.

It is all about You vs You, so if you can’t do more than 1 set of the weights, DON’T WORRY - YOU WILL GET THERE! It is all about personal progress and committing to the long-term game.

Yes of course. The workouts will be available to playback and do anytime from the ‘catch-up’ area of the website, from wherever you are in the world.

We also provide a printable PDF for our 3 strength sessions every week (upper, lower and full body). This is uploaded every week for you to print off and take to the gym if you prefer and want to use heavier weights.

Yes of course you can! We have members from over 40 different countries all over the world and counting!
Many of them have created their own local WhatsApp groups to motivate each other and meet other members nearby!

A space to workout at home or the gym, a mat, water bottle and your body!

The HIIT sessions are bodyweight so nothing extra is needed. For our strength sessions you will need some kind of weights, so we recommend purchasing dumbbells or kettlebells (coming soon to our members only shop!). However, at the start of your journey just use what you have at home - lots of members don't have weights so our trainers will always show you an alternative with a loaded backpack, filled with household objects like cans or books.

All of the Live workouts are streamed on the members area of our website. They are saved immediately after the session for you to playback and do anytime, from anywhere. The videos are categorized and sorted so that it is super easy to navigate later in the day or week.

Other content, such as the monthly printable resources can be found in the members area of the website as well as being emailed to you in your monthly newsletter.

Yes, our catalogue of recipes caters for all dietary requirements, along with our extra weekly recipes which we share within the community

Our Nutritionist also shares weekly informative videos and posts on all aspects of our nutrition and diet!

Yes! Previous months content is all saved on the website and can be accessed at any time. Catch-up videos will be saved for 3-6 months, while our ‘Series’ are also available. If you join, you will get access to the resources for the month that you join AND the previous months too.

If you choose our monthly plan, payment is taken monthly from the day that you purchase, and you can cancel anytime. With our annual plan, you pay for 12 months upfront at a reduced rate but won’t be able to cancel until your subscription is finished.

Our free trial gives you unlimited access to our Club for 7 days so you can see for yourself what we have to offer. After the 7-days you can cancel, or your subscription will automatically switch to a monthly plan.

As soon as you purchase a plan you will receive a confirmation and welcome email. This will provide information about your membership, instructions to join the Facebook Member's group and much more.

Please ensure that you answer all the questions when requesting access to the Facebook group.

We promise you will love it, and hope that you don't want to.
But of course, we understand that sometimes break-ups happen. You can cancel at any time and you will retain access to the group until your current membership expires.

Yes of course - you can cancel and rejoin at any time.

However, if you were on a promotional price, you will have to re-join at the current price as shown on the website.

Yes, monthly and annual subscriptions will renew automatically unless you cancel your subscription. Payment is taken from the day that you purchase and will reoccur either monthly or annually.