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Your Team


Meet the team that make the magic happen

These are your  in-house wellness specialists; Movement Coaches, Nutritionists, Pilates/ Yoga instructors + Mindset Coaches, that make up the performance-led Club V dream team. Learn from the best in the industry.

Your Club Five Team


Your Personal Trainer + Founder

Meet your Personal trainer, online coach and the Founder of Club V. Talilla helps women + men all over the world to become the healthiest, happiest and strongest versions of themselves. A qualified Level 3 coach specialising in HIIT, conditioning + strength training for over 7 years, Talilla will help you build strength, learn new skills, develop definition in your body and enjoy your training like never before. With an Instagram following of over 100,000 people across the world, she has experience and a love for delivering high energy sessions that will leave you BUZZING. Her ethos and approach focuses on celebrating the incredible things that our bodies can DO, rather than how they look.


Your Boxing HIIT Coach

LJ is a top personal trainer and online coach, teaching in London's top boutique gyms, specialising in boxing and strength sessions for over 7 years. With a natural flair for the dramatic from her previous acting career, her energy and charisma will push you into those few extra reps and leave you wanting more. Music is in her blood and has a sharp ear for a beat that will take your workout to the next level. She only asks 3 things of you: turn up, challenge yourself and, most of all, ENJOY yourself.


Your Yoga Instructor

Emily is your incredible Yoga instructor and the head of Yoga at one of London's top boutique gyms, Core Collective and has over 10 years of expertise within the industry and helping women across the world on their yoga journey. Emily's Yoga + flexibility programme will complement the HIIT + Strength training. Helping to increase our flexibility, mobility + recovery, her Vinyasa flows are amazing for the mind + body! Emily's classes are suitable for all levels, providing modifications to make the postures both accessible and challenging.


Your Pilates Instructor

Chloe is a STOTT Pilates trained teacher. She’s combined her classical training with a more dynamic approach making her classes challenging but with lots of attention to correct body alignment. She will help you to get a stronger core whilst also gaining an appreciation of how your body works.


Your Strength & Power Coach

Fontaine has a multitude of skills but will be supporting Talilla as an instructor with a focus on coaching strength and power. Fontaine is now a mindset coach, athlete mentor and personal trainer. Fontaine has worked in some of London’s top gyms and studios, is a global ambassador for sweaty betty and an athlete mentor for the Dame Kelly Holmes.


Your Nutritionist

Our nutritionist, Jenna, is registered with the Association for Nutrition. She works closely with brands, companies and individuals to help them implement smarter strategies for Nutrition. With an undeniable passion for making nutrition smarter, clearer and simpler, she provides easy nutrition advice to implement every day.


Your Dance Coach

Meet Meghan, a professional dancer, NASM certified fitness trainer, nutrition coach and creator of CitySweat. Meghan trained as a dancer for 20 years and always used fitness to supplement her dancing. Whether you are dreaming of becoming a professional dancer or haven't got much rhythm and just love to have a boogie, Meghan will help you celebrate the best version of yourself in her sessions. Just bring a good attitude and enjoy the party!


Your Mindset Coach

Meet Olivia, our inclusive and transformational life coach that will help you take your mindset to the next level. With a relentless desire to help facilitate powerful growth journeys, Liv will teach you how to utilise your self awareness, and help you to connect with the most authentic ‘you’ there is. She will bring clarity, awareness and empowerment to your health and fitness journey and will also be available to serve as a 1 to 1 coach too.