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8-Week Challenge



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After a hot and indulgent summer it’s time to get back in a routine with our 8-week September #ShowUp challenge 

On the 6th of September we will be launching our 8-week Show Up challenge which is designed to get you moving again and striving towards some new goals which challenge you. All our sessions are high energy and motivational guaranteeing you will have a good time (99% of participants find our challenges fun!*)

We will be running our usual Club Five LIVE workout schedule – a hybrid of HIIT, Strength, Pilates, Yoga, Dance and Boxing – plus additional bonus challenge workouts each week. The challenge is to show up to at least 4 sessions per week, consistently for 8 weeks. There is no pressure to set secondary goals or track progress if you prefer not to, just show up to the sessions and kick some ass! All sessions are delivered by our incredible Club Five Team which you can check out here.

PRIZES And discounts:

Everyone will get an exclusive discount to Hunger, a macro-focused, flexitarian meal prep company (UK only). We also have epic prizes to give away at the end of the challenge to some lucky winners, chosen at random:

  • 3 x full WIT activewear outfits
  • 3 x Club Five 3 month complimentary membership
  • 3 x Alpro Bundles

Winners will be chosen at random

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The Lowdown

Monday 6th September - Sunday 31st October

The aim of this 8-week challenge is to stay committed and show up consistently throughout, whilst also working towards some more specific goals if you want to

Primary Goal – Show Up!

The primary goal of this challenge is to ‘Show Up’ consistently for 8-weeks. We recommend at least 4 sessions per week, and no more than 6 (always have a rest day!). Set a goal which is realistic and sustainable for you.

Secondary Goals

If you would like to set yourself some more specific goals, we have tailored our workout schedule to give you the option of focusing on four different areas during the challenge: 

  • Strength
  • Cardio
  • Flexibility
  • Body Composition

Pick your focus (you can have multiple if you want) and plan your workouts accordingly from our usual weekly schedule and bonus challenge workouts 

  • Daily Live workouts in a hybrid of training styles from HIIT, Strength, Yoga, Pilates, Boxing & Dance 
  • Weekly bonus workouts focusing on your goals, including Strength, Stretching and Cardio sessions 
  • Expect meal prep cook-alongs with our special guest Emily Soloman every Sunday, who will also be sharing a shopping list every Wednesday so that you can keep on track with your nutrition!
Tracking and Resources

Our challenge pack includes heaps of resources, trackers and guides which will help you set, track and test your goals and stay accountable as you work towards them. Look forward to receiving 

  • Challenge checklist 
  • Activity tracker 
  • Goal trackers
  • Test ideas & examples 
  • Habit tracker and ideas for our 5 pillars of health – Movement, Mind, Nutrition, Community & Sustainability

Club Five has an incredible community that will support you and keep you motivated throughout the challenge. Join one of the challenge WhatsApp groups, share your progress in the Facebook group, and team up with a buddy to make the most of our friendly family 🙂

This challenge is designed for all abilities, so whatever your fitness level you can jump in and give it a go!

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how to join

New Members

To join the September Show-Up challenge you will need to sign up as a Club Five Member here!

You can join on a monthly or annual membership. Once you’ve joined, head over to the challenge section of our website to enroll and receive your challenge pack via email.

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Existing Members

You can join the challenge for free. Simply log into your account, head over to the challenge section and enrol!

of members would recommend Club Five Challenges to a friend
of members said they had an improved mindset by the end of the challenge
of members found the Club Five challenges fun
of members said the Club Five challenge helped them progress towards their goals
*Based on 306 responses to the January 2021 You vs You Challenge

What our Members say…

Club Five has opened my eyes to all sorts of different workouts from boxing to weights to yoga. Exercise has always been a phase for me, and this is the first time I have enjoyed and kept to a program. The important thing is I no longer exercise to lose weight, I exercise to make myself stronger and feel great! Talilla is an amazing trainer and has the most infectious energy which is the best part of Club Five!


Thank you so much, like honestly, I cannot express my thanks! I get so excited when I see someone post to see what their achievement is, or to see that other people have had bad days too. I don’t have a huge group of friends (and have been struggling with my relationship with one in particular) but it makes me feel like I have a whole massive group of best friends who understand me and relate.


This is a sustainable change and just showing up to 4/5 sessions a week has impacted my life in such a great way, I can’t see myself turning back now. I can’t thank Teej and Club Five enough for all their motivation and support, this is an amazing journey, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.


The other week I imagined my life without Club Five in it, and you know what? I DON’T WANT IT! This is it guys. This is what we’ve been waiting for. So so so much love for this mega crew xxx Sorry if that was a bit soppy ? – just BLOODY NEEDED TO BE SAID! Can’t even express how different my life feels. In the best way ever. Xx

Jo Wilde

I joined Club Five in July 2020 after having tuned in to a few of Talilla’s insta lives. I was on furlough and was feeling a bit lost, and the workouts really gave me the structure and motivation that I needed (…) I can’t thank Talilla and Club Five enough for challenging my thinking, providing such a supportive community, and helping me stick to a routine to build a strong body for life.

Lauren M

I love your infectious and honest attitude towards life. How you’re not afraid to share with us your ups and downs. I love the structure; the range of workouts especially the pairing of HIIT with weights; the different routines to challenge and change; time under tension; theta and Pilates that I need to get back on. It all compliments each other so well! (…) The nutrition advice keeps us balanced and I love the meal ideas … only thing I don’t like is that I want to buy everything every month.


In January, I decided it was enough and took action: mainly for my mental health. Having followed Talilla’s Instagram workouts during previous lockdowns I thought Club Five would be ideal. And this is me now – just one month in! I feel supported, strong, motivated, engaged, I love the variety of workouts offered, the Q&As and how many like-minded people I’ve met on the platform.


Talilla has created this amazing platform encompassing so much more than fitness- it’s a way of life. Since starting I have had such a mindset shift-creating a pretty solid morning routine to set me up for the day, I have regained pre-baby fitness but also pushed myself to achieve things I have never been able to achieve, like headstands, splits and some running PBs.


I have “met” @talillahenchoz last year during the first lockdown, at that point I had already made the decision of looking after my body, mind and soul. My bigger struggle was being consistent. But then I couldn’t stop doing her lives workouts on Instagram, until I decided to join Club Five and commit with my goals. And WOW! That was exactly what I was looking for.


Morning!! Just wanted to say I was super nervous about doing a workout that wasn’t live but the way you’ve filmed it and gone through the exercises telling us when to pause is SO helpful. I know you appreciate all the feedback so just wanted to let you know that his formal for non-live workouts is really working for a lot of people in the club. Have a fab day xxx